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my country's crane transmission equipment structure optimization has made a major breakthrough

Issuing time:2020-06-16 21:50

A key project of the National Science and Technology Support Plan spanning the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and organized and implemented by the China Machinery Industry Federation-"Research on key technologies for lightweight bridge cranes The subject of "and Application" has achieved breakthrough progress after three years of joint advancement by the project organizer and co-organizer. Recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation organized a sophisticated project acceptance team to conduct a comprehensive acceptance of the reducer of the lightweight core transmission equipment of lifting machinery by listening to the report of the project and organizing the technical certification on the spot. The acceptance expert team fully affirmed the timely progress of the project and achieved a number of technological breakthroughs, providing a complete set of technical support for the in-depth promotion of the transformation and upgrading of China's hoisting machinery in the direction of precision, light weight, green and energy saving, and catching up with the international advanced level system.

National science and technology support projects spanning the two five-year plans passed the authoritative acceptance.

Recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation organized in Jiangsu the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Lightweight Reducers of Bridge Cranes" undertaken by Jiangsu Tailong Reducer Co., Ltd. and other units Comprehensive acceptance, the expert group carefully listened to the report of the subject work, conducted on-site inspection, technical demonstration, and combined acceptance. After questioning and discussion, it was confirmed that the project carried out lightweight lifting around the key technical requirements of the lightweight reducer of bridge cranes. Mechanism optimization, lightweight reducer optimization design and dynamic analysis, lightweight reducer key parts manufacturing and quality control, lightweight reducer test and application and other key technology research, developed 13 three-level and 12 four-level specifications For the series of lightweight reducers, a comprehensive performance test device for lightweight reducers has been developed, and various research contents and assessment indicators specified in the task book have been completed, and the expected goals have been achieved.

The project identified: Tailong Reducer Company optimized the structure and transmission system of the lifting mechanism of the lightweight bridge crane, and proposed the structure of the lightweight reducer unilateral support; parameterized and modular based on the concept of generalization and combination diversity Technology, forming a series spectrum of bridge crane reducer; based on the best hardened layer depth design, residual stress and deformation control of the hard tooth surface gear precision heat treatment technology, forming a high-power density gear production process, improving the gear and speed reduction The load-bearing capacity of the machine; the use of dynamic and static combined sealing technology has solved the problem of oil leakage in the reducer; the lightweight design and manufacture of 10 prototypes have been completed. Realize the independent design and manufacture of the reducer of the lifting mechanism of the lightweight bridge crane.

This project has built a corresponding production demonstration base in Tailong Reducer Company, which meets the annual production capacity of 5,000 sets of lightweight reducers for overhead crane lifting mechanism; applied for 10 patents, including 4 invention patents and computer software copyright 1; published 15 academic papers; formulated 1 corporate standard and trained a group of technical backbones, including 9 graduate students, 1 doctorate, and 8 masters.

Based on the "National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan Outline (2006~2020)" and the "Green Manufacturing Technology Development "Twelfth Five-Year" Special Plan for the development of the manufacturing sector", this project has undertaken the Ministry of Science and Technology. The scientific and technological support project that spans the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" --- the development and research topic of "Key Technology Research and Application of Lightweight Bridge Crane" was issued. The core equipment in the project and the independent subject "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Lightweight Reducers of Bridge Cranes" were clearly undertaken by Jiangsu Tailong Reducer Co., Ltd., jointly with Beijing Hoisting and Conveying Machinery Design and Research Institute and Zhengzhou Machinery Research The Institute, Chongqing University, and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology formed an industry-university-research consortium. From January 2015 to the end of April 2018, the research and project promotion of this topic were jointly implemented at different levels and topics.

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the project acceptance team review, the lightweight reducer has a 41% increase in power density, a 30% increase in carrying capacity, and a 10% reduction in weight compared with the JB/T10817 type reducer used in traditional hoisting machinery. , The noise is reduced by 3dB (decibel), and the material is saved by about 10%, reaching the leading level of similar domestic products. The bridge crane using this transmission machinery equipment can reduce the weight of the whole machine by 15% to 20%, and reduce the energy consumption by more than 10%, which lays a foundation for China's lifting machinery to climb the international advanced level and realize lightweight, intelligent and green manufacturing. Solid technical foundation.

Lightweight reducer is a reborn technological innovation.

Lifting machinery is an important infrastructure required for the start-up process of various industries in the national economy, such as production, transportation, hoisting, and storage. It is widely used in warehouses, ports, docks, factories, and storage sites. For a long time, with the vigorous development of the national economy, China's steel, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, petroleum, chemical, new energy industry, river and sea tunnels, road and bridge construction and other fields have demanded and driven the demand for lifting machinery, making China's crane industry realized every year A high growth rate of more than 30%. At present, the annual output of domestic crane equipment is more than 40,000 units, the output value is more than 17 billion yuan, and the annual consumption of medium and high-grade steel exceeds 1.7 million tons. In the crane components, the reducer is the core equipment of various components. The performance and structure of the reducer not only affect and determine the speed, efficiency and stability of the crane, but also interact with the crane’s box, transmission system and motor. The structural connection of main components such as couplings, brakes, reels, etc. are closely related and complementary.

According to Yin Aiguo, general manager of Tailong Reducer Company, the QG series of products developed in the 1980s are commonly used in general-purpose bridge cranes in China. The corresponding reducers are ZQ series, QJ series, QY series and other products. The structure generally has disadvantages such as large size, low precision, single interface form, heavy model, poor gear precision, low power density, and high noise, which severely restrict the upgrading and modern application of China's lifting machinery. Through the upgrading of reducer products, the implementation of lightweight manufacturing of hoisting machinery is the need of contemporary industrial development, and it is the inevitable choice for my country's "12th Five-Year" to "13th Five-Year" special plan and medium and long-term scientific and technological development.

Through the research of this subject, the series spectrum of lightweight reducer for bridge cranes was formed; the modular design of lightweight reducer was realized; the series design scheme of lightweight reducer was established; the trial production and prototype of five types of reducer were completed. Comprehensive performance test; proposed a new type of three-point support hoisting mechanism transmission system suitable for 5-100t bridge cranes and 125-200t bridge cranes. According to the complete theoretical research of the subject and the comprehensive performance test of the prototype, it is proved that the research results of this subject have all the conditions for the popularization and application of lightweight bridge cranes. Through the research of this project, it has promoted the improvement of the enterprise's technological innovation ability and the cultivation of the talent team, adapted to the market demand of lightweight cranes, and added new economic growth points for the enterprise. The successful development of the lightweight reducer is of great significance for promoting the development of China’s crane machinery in the direction of lightweight, energy-saving, safe and reliable international advanced technology, and for improving China’s independent innovation capability and technical level, and improving the domestic manufacturing industry Core competitiveness will play an important supporting role.

Connect with "Made in China 2025" to enhance the level of international modernization.

The reducer is the core component to ensure the safe and reliable operation of hoisting machinery. Its overall structure must adapt to the crane's linkage operation under no-load and load conditions. The operating system is intelligently designed and can strictly follow the given lifting operation speed. Improve work efficiency, save work time, and reduce energy consumption. The supporting project of this subject is the lightweight R&D and manufacturing of 5~200t bridge cranes, and the economic and social benefits that must be achieved are given. The subject is a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary project that closely integrates technical research and engineering applications. At present, the project has achieved overall breakthroughs in the possession of independent intellectual property rights, the training of scientific and technological talents, and the construction of industrial bases. It has researched and formulated the "Crane Two-Pivot Reducer Enterprise Standard", drafted the "Crane Two-Pulse Reducer Industry Standard" submission plan, published 3 international papers, 1 domestic paper, and obtained two national patents. The sponsor of this project and the 4 co-organizers all participated in 58 people, including 9 doctoral students and postgraduates. The research and manufacturing time invested in this project reached 408 person-times/month, and a large number of scientific research and design personnel with professional quality have been trained. The R&D team in parameter modular design and structural modular manufacturing has laid a solid talent and technical foundation for the design and manufacture of modular products in China, and cultivated an industrial development base.

Yin Genzhang, Chairman of China Reduced Speed Gear Industry Association and Chairman of Jiangsu Tailong Machinery Group, introduced to this reporter that lightweight bridge cranes are the direction of China’s future development. At present, China’s traditional crane market has a total of 100,000 units. The scale of the industry is huge and the application prospects are broad. The development of lightweight reducers can reduce the weight of bridge cranes by 15% to 20% and save 100,000 to 150,000 tons of medium and high-grade steel annually. With the advancement of the "Made in China 2025" strategy and China’s current technological development and national economic construction needs, the application of lightweight cranes can greatly reduce the height of major buildings, and the structure of buildings will be correspondingly lightweight, precise and energy-saving And the transformation of a conservation-oriented direction, which will play an important supporting role and have a positive and far-reaching impact on promoting the transformation of Chinese manufacturing from large to strong, enhancing the core competitiveness of the equipment manufacturing industry, and promoting China’s equipment manufacturing industry to catch up with the international advanced level. !

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