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"New Thinking, Heart Breakthrough, New Future" Wuyi Machinery's 2020 Distributor Annual Meeting ende

Issuing time:2020-07-21 07:56

On July 18 20, 2020, Wuyi Machinery’s "New Thinking, Heart Breakthrough, New Future" Distributor Annual Meeting was grandly held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Quzhou, Zhejiang. The Wuyi Machinery team and dealer partners from all over the country gathered together In one session, review the development process together and seek a new strategy for development.大合照.jpg

  Under the leadership of General Manager Fang Changzheng, everyone visited the company’s exhibition center, production workshop, quality inspection center, etc., from material chemical analysis, parts assembly to complete machine trial pull, and the rigorous production process allowed all dealers to With a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of Wuyi products, we also understand the company's strong Wuyi brand corporate culture.参观样品间.jpg参观工厂.jpg参观工厂2.jpg

战略布局 顺势而为


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. A sudden new crown epidemic swept the world and continues to this day, which has had a huge impact on the economic situation. The big environment is changing, and the small environment is confusing. Wuyi Machinery and dealers work together to move forward.苏董.jpg

At the beginning of the meeting, the chairman of the company Mr. Su Guangyao delivered a speech for the meeting. He said that the company’s positioning for this year’s service year is to continuously develop new products and provide valuable services, continue to break through traditional concepts, achieve corporate Internet marketing transformation, increase service support for dealers, and develop competitive advantages. New products are customer-oriented and meet customer needs. Build an intelligent manufacturing park for cranes to serve the upstream and downstream industry chains. He is very confident about the future of Wuyi Machinery. Su Dong's speech was inspiring and strengthened the confidence and courage of every 51st person to move forward.


With the advent of 5G networks, the next is the intelligent era of artificial Internet of Things, which will face huge challenges for the traditional machinery manufacturing and sales industries. Whoever develops new products has the right to speak in the market. The company’s technical team has adapted to the needs of market development and has increased its investment in technology research and development. At the conference, the company’s chief technical engineer, Mr. Xu Zhihong, introduced the 2020 May 1st Machinery to the guests present. Two new products newly launched. The renewal and iteration of traditional products will definitely help dealers to better expand the market.

Innovation breakthrough, forge ahead


  Foresight strategic planning requires effective market strategies to be implemented. Mr. Fang Changzheng, general manager of Wuyi Machinery, introduced the company's series of measures under the new situation in detail, from building a network operation structure, developing a new product packaging and authenticity traceability system, building a complete infringement handling mechanism, and reasonably regulating market prices. Take measures to promote the increase of terminal sales and effectively protect the interests of dealers.


Then, Mr. Qiu Pengfei, the manager of the brand development department, took "Analysis of Product Differentiation" as the theme, and analyzed in detail the differentiated advantages of Wuyi products and other products from the perspective of safety. The follow-up company will focus on brand promotion and increase the focus on each area. The partners’ promotion and training will enhance customers’ awareness of the Wuyi brand and help dealers better serve the terminal market.

Policy empowerment for a win-win future


In order to repay the strong support of the dealers, Ms. Zhou Xiaohong, the chief financial officer, brought to the scene the company’s unprecedented marketing preferential policy. The policy is used to empower dealers’ terminal sales, stimulate terminal sales vitality, and maximize profits to May 1st. Machinery dealers.

Once the event was launched, it received widespread attention from dealers. The scene of the signing ceremony was extremely hot. Everyone enthusiastically took the stage to sign the contract and took a group photo with the company's senior leaders. This session brought the meeting to a climax.


The conference ended successfully in the signing ceremony in full swing. Nowadays, market competition has entered an era of incandescence. It is a contest of strength and a contest of strategy. The company will take the strategic goal as the direction, empower the brand, and make a strong attack. The quality is optimizing and the service is adding value. We look forward to working with you in the future to create great achievements and create brilliance again.


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