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About the surrounding environment of electric chain hoist operation

Issuing time:2020-07-13 22:45

When the electric chain hoist is operating, the surrounding environment is very important. In addition to environmental conditions such as temperature, dust, sun, rain, etc., you must also pay attention to the surrounding field of vision, obstructions, etc., which are related to the operation. Operators must pay attention to safety, equipment and protection of heavy objects.

Before operating the electric chain hoist, you should check whether the relevant dangerous factors have been eliminated in the operating range, such as personnel in the dangerous area should leave, heavy objects are not involved, etc., pay attention to the relevant area to have a good view, or other personnel to cooperate. Check out. Pay attention to the setting of warning signs in the work-related area.

The above probably introduces you to the content that the electric chain hoist should pay attention to in its surrounding environment. Paying attention to these environmental conditions is very good for ensuring the safety of lifting tools and personnel.

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