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What are the bad effects of the depression of the five-hand chain hoist cover?

Issuing time:2020-07-13 22:08

Impact 1: The depression of the five-hand chain hoist casing will squeeze the internal space, resulting in the reduction of the working space of the internal parts of the casing, thereby affecting their normal operation. When the chain hoist is severely hit, the internal parts may also be damaged. This is very serious and we should try our best to avoid it;

Impact 2: The recessed cover will also make the double-pigeon chain hoist prone to jamming problems. The recessed cover reduces the operating space of the lifting chain, so when we use the chain hoist to lift heavy objects, if the chain is slightly inclined, it may cause chain jam problems, which will bring trouble to our work;

Impact 3: The recessed cover not only makes the five-hand chain hoist unsightly, but also accelerates its scrapping speed, and the protective effect of the cover will be seriously reduced. The performance of the recessed cover is greatly reduced, and it is prone to rust. Therefore, when the cover is recessed, we should repair it immediately.

The depression of the cover of the five-hand chain hoist will have a great impact on us. In order to make our lifting operations more smooth, please use the chain hoist carefully!

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