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What kind of work does the double pigeon chain hoist bring convenience to people?

Issuing time:2020-07-13 22:07

The chain hoist is one of the manual hoisting machinery that is easy to use and easy to carry in the lifting industry. As an upgraded version of the fixed pulley, it has all the advantages of the fixed pulley. It also uses the combination of a double pawl brake and a chain pulley group, symmetrically arranged two-stage spur gear rotation structure, and has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient carrying. It can be said that it brings convenience to people's work. What are the specific conveniences? Please listen to us carefully:

Chain hoist is one of the necessary products for lifting heavy objects. It is widely used in equipment installation, item lifting, machine traction in shipbuilding, electric power, post and telecommunications, transportation and other departments, especially in small workplaces and high-altitude operations in the field. And various angles of traction. Chain hoists are used in construction sites, agricultural production, docks, warehouses, etc., which can help people move heavy objects. The chain hoist can also be used in conjunction with various monorail trolleys to form a transport trolley, which is suitable for monorail overhead transportation, manual single beam bridge cranes and cantilever cranes. In so many industries, chain chain hoists can be seen everywhere.

Shuangge brand hand chain hoists have good quality and excellent quality, and have been recognized by customers. They will always be your best choice. If the five-hand chain hoist is not used carefully, it is easy to collide with sharp objects and cause the surface of the cover to dent. The recessed cover will cause us a lot of trouble, not only will reduce the performance of the five-hand chain hoist, but also pose a threat to our safety.

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