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How to choose a double-pigeon chain hoist that suits you?

Issuing time:2020-07-13 22:07

The lifting industry is a dangerous industry. Therefore, people attach great importance to safety issues. When choosing a chain hoist, safety will also be put in the first place. There are many types of chain hoists in the market, so how can we choose How about the double-pigeon chain hoist that suits you? When choosing a chain hoist, pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose the tonnage of the chain hoist according to the weight of the heavy object to be lifted;

2. You can choose according to the working environment of the double pigeon chain hoist;

3. It is best to choose a regular manufacturer, which is guaranteed in quality;

4. When choosing a chain hoist, you must first choose a good brand; the double pigeon chain hoist manufacturer has advanced production equipment, sophisticated process equipment, and perfect testing methods. The chain hoist produced by it has compact structure, light weight, small size, durability, high work efficiency, small hand pull force, safe use, easy maintenance, good rigidity of the gear housing, good anti-collision ability, and more effective protection Internal parts. For a long time, the company has followed: quality first, service first. Let people work better and live better.

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