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Win is automatic and spontaneous, let the positive state infect everyone

Issuing time:2020-07-13 21:00

"I'm really good"

"I'm really good"

"I'm really, really, really, really good"

This simple and catchy slogan came from the meeting room on the third floor of the company, and the loud voice spread throughout the entire office building. It turned out that it was part of the company's internal training for self-motivation.

On the morning of September 29, with the strong support of the Quzhou Federation of Trade Unions, the company and Quzhou Zhenwei Vocational School organized a one-day training and sharing meeting on the theme of "Winning is automatic and spontaneous" for all grassroots and above managers. .

At the opening ceremony of the vocational skills training class of the Qujiang District Federation of Trade Unions, Du Huihong, the vice chairman of the Qujiang District Federation of Trade Unions, gave everyone an ardent expectation, hoping that everyone can re-understand their own work through this training and improve their work ability.

Before the training, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the motherland, everyone at the training site waved the national flag and sang "My Motherland and Me" collectively. The patriotic feelings were instantly ignited with passion.

Lecturer Wang Renfeng introduced:

experts and scholars:

Head Coach of the Private Board of Directors of "Chinese and Foreign Management"

MBA Distinguished Professor of Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University and other universities

Invited Expert of "Frontier Lectures"

Invited Expert of "Winner Lecture Hall"


Chairman of Everest Enterprise Management

Head of Zhenwei International Kindergarten

Independent directors and consultants of many well-known companies

What is work?

"Work is no small matter"

Work = responsibility

Job = opportunity

Teacher Wang explained the change of working thinking better in a simple and simple way, and made detailed supplements through a large number of cases and interactive experiences. There was a lot of laughter at the scene.

Hug your colleagues around you, encourage each other, and express your love for your colleagues!

We have to achieve the three goals in our career, and we have to go through many tests in the process to achieve success.

In our work, we must have a correct understanding of the four viewpoints in order to stimulate the positive energy of the team, and to cooperate better for a win-win situation.

Self-confidence is the basis for doing everything well, cheer yourself up!

Winning is automatic and spontaneous. The important thing is to win in knowledge and action, so that the working atmosphere of the whole team can develop in a virtuous circle, so as to achieve a breakthrough in the career.

In this training, regarding positive energy, responsibility, loyalty, gratitude, focus, result thinking, etc., we also felt the enthusiasm of everyone’s active interaction, and also experienced the charm of each student’s serious reflection, and let us realize the importance of work. The importance of every professional. Finally, I talked about life and work. I watched two videos, one about family affection and the other about love. Everyone at the scene was moved. Everyone had more and deeper understanding and insights. Only when employees have grown and progressed can the company go further!

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